Additional ways MS Excel is used in Business

tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel Needs Those of you who have read my various praises of Excel know that I favor Excel spreadsheets because they’re better at automation and increasing efficiency than any other program. But here are even more things I know you will love about Excel and its spreadsheets.

Data Models

I’ve talked a lot about how an Excel spreadsheet uses data and the many ways it can be shown to suit your purposes. Excel automation makes it easy for you to integrate data from multiple places, which lets you build a relational data source within an Excel workbook. That’s efficiency!

Data models sound complicated, but they’re not. They just show different aspects of a business. For example, an e-Commerce data model would show data associated with vendors, products, services, customers and sales.

There are numerous steps to learn how to model data, but what you need to know is an Excel expert like TAP Solutions knows how to manipulate the data on a spreadsheet so you can have the data modeled the way you want.

Data Manipulations

To manipulate is to handle, mange or use expertly. Excel is a master at manipulating data, and TAP Solutions is an expert at manipulating Excel to give you the data you need and want. We do this by either creating custom formulas or using previously existing ones that crunch the data quickly. This results in greater automation and increased efficiency, which means your time savings and cost savings go through the roof.

Visual Graphs

Data can be shown in a lot of different ways, all of which demonstrate Excel’s ability to increase efficiency because in just moments, the data can be shown in any visual graph you want: bar chart, bar graph, pie chart — you name it, Excel can show it.

The End Results

Once the data is modeled, manipulated (often via automation) and shown visually, a business can better analyze and interpret what it all means. For example, a pie chart can show that 67% of the sales are reinvested in the company, so that business can decide if it wants to continue reinvesting that amount, or should it take some of that revenue and give its top executive bonuses.

There really is no end to what Excel can do. Its spreadsheets specialize in automation, increase efficiency and save you time and money by helping you make better use of your data, which leads you to make in better decisions.

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