How We Make Excel Work Better for You

tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel Needs Excel is a wonderful tool, but it only works as well as you work it. Unless you’re a DIYer, you’re going to want to hire a professional well versed in Excel, its spreadsheets and the numerous ways it helps with automation.

Here are reasons to hire TAP Solutions for all your Excel automation needs.

1. We code for efficiency. People like to impress with complex coding language, but that only slows things down. We know that the simpler the coding, the simpler the function. And the simpler the function, the faster Excel works its automation magic. This means simpler is better, and we always strive for simple. Why reinvent the efficiency wheel?

2. We don’t repeat, we combine. An Excel spreadsheet consists of columns and rows. Many people put the same formulas into numerous columns and rows, which decreases efficiency. We design spreadsheets so the same formula is listed once but runs across as many rows and columns as you need. This increases efficiency because it increases the automation speed.

We also use fewer spreadsheets because automation works better that way. So, if you have multiple spreadsheets and multiple files, we can combine, simplify and increase efficiency that way.

3. We aren’t volatile with our functions. A volatile function causes a formula to recalculate every time Excel recalculates. This is terrible for efficiency and slows down the spreadsheet’s effectiveness. That is why we almost never use volatile functions. Only in special cases, when they’re absolutely necessary, will we use them. We’re all about effective automation, and volatile functions often aren’t.

4. Our spreadsheets are clean. Efficiency is based in part on how many steps you need in any given function or formula. We delete all redundancies, and we replace irrelevant formulas with new and improved ones.

These are just some of the ways we stand out from everyone else when it comes to using Excel spreadsheets to improve automation and increase efficiency. Contact us today and let us design Excel best practices for your company.  or call Warren 818 281 7628 for a free consolution.

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