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Technology and Productivity (TAP) Solutions gets rid of those pain points that make your job frustrating and difficult by 1) using Microsoft Excel to streamline processes that save you time and money, and by 2) designing websites that get you found online so you can do more business and make more money.


TAP Solutions expertly uses Excel on your own computer to create customized solutions that will improve your company’s efficiency and save time and money. We design and build customized programs to streamline those time-consuming processes.

No more mindless repetition, unnecessary stress and costly errors. In just seconds, you can have Excel do just about anything you need it to do, including:

Arrow, Improving staff productivity / efficiency Improving staff productivity / efficiency

Arrow, Saving time and money Saving time and money

Arrow, Maintaining, cleaning up, consolidating and processing data into whatever formats you desire Maintaining, cleaning up, consolidating and processing data into whatever formats you desire

Arrow, Making error-free calculations Making error-free calculations

Arrow, Meeting all deadlines Meeting all deadlines

Arrow, Reducing reporting costs Reducing reporting costs

Plus, we provide user training and support to ensure you are getting the most effective use of your automated spreadsheets.


TAP Solutions customizes websites that search engines find and rank high. That means more people see the website, which increases the odds you’ll get more calls, more leads, and more opportunities to close more deals and make more money. Isn’t that what a website is supposed to do?

What’s more, when fixes are needed, we’re there to make them. We include Google Analytics,

Google and Bing site maps, and a 60-day guarantee on defects, meaning misspellings and coding issues are fixed for free.

You need the right website designer to make your web pages pop and make your potential customers sit up and say, “Wow! I want to talk to this company” or “I want to buy.”