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tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel Needs"Warren is a master at gaining exposure for my business. He has been invaluable in helping develop my website and making sure it gets noticed. We have been able to send additional projects to Warren and he takes control and gives us great attention to detail so we get better than expected results! "
Tom R
Thomas Pools

"We had an unusual software problem that involved Excel that was beyond the scope of our regular IT people. Warren came very highly recommended by a mutual friend & got into the project and helped us to get to solutions in a very quick amount of time and at a very reasonable cost. If he's that good with very complicated situations, I would imagine he'll be able to deal with many web related issues with ease."
Bruce Spiegel President
The Jewelry Factory

I needed an Excel Expert to build a report compiling 3 company divisions' financials into one so we could project income, expenses, and budgets as one entity. We do this monthly. What used to take a week, now takes a hour! And, it is so easy, I can delegate it! Thank you Warren, the Excel Consultant. This work was all completed offsite, remotely. Working on an sales activity dashboard next! If you need any help using Excel, don't put it off, ask Warren for help.
Sandra N

Tap solutions and Warren have been a great resource for us to optimize our business solutions. Warren has helped us condition our data to help with our CRM and ERP (Netsuite) data uploads. Tap solutions also worked with us on building a weekly merchandising system in excel. This system has helped us cut down a process that was taking 5-8 hours a week to 1-2 hours a week by the use of macros in excel.
Mark M

"Of all the web designers I have ever used, Warren is by far the best. He is dialed in and understands how things work with search engines and key words. Warren also goes the extra mile & has explained everything to us step by step. Only after a few weeks he has my site on first page of Google. That ROCKS!! I always recommend Warren for web design, SEO & Excel"
Jack Lilian President
Photo Mania Booth

"Warren at tap solutions is very helpful with setting up my excel spread sheets. He has a class and I have to say I learned a lot. This is coming from someone that knows a little bit and I left feeling like I can make this happen. I can't wait for the next class. I have so many ideas and Warren is able to make them happen. It is very Awesome. I feel like my ideas can all happen and make my business flow and I will Have time doing what I should be doing which is running the business instead of Catching up with my business. Thanks Warren"
Jeff Berry Owner
JJ'S Bar And Grill /Clear Vision Construction

"Tap solutions are HEROs. Warren my contact there has worked on so many issues with data conversion I can not count how many times he has saved me hours and hours of time and frustrations. He is alway calm he communicates the way that you understand what he is going to do for you. We were trying to get our holiday cards out a few weeks back the names were in one file and the info was partially in another. My assistant started to hand type the names on the list. I said stop..... send it to Tap solutions Warren will fix it. less that an half our later we had the list in hand. We also had to merge 35000 records from 4 separate data bases. He worked with our web program and got the info in with very few errors. Call this company even if you are not sure. Tap into their solutions. Oh they also honor the 25score card. Sweet".
Ed and Marlene Bernstein Owners
25 Score

"I have known and enjoyed working with Warren Schultz for over 30 years. Warren and his Company, Tap Solutions, have high work ethics and standards. When they say they will get a job done, they do. They are open minded, think outside the box and will get you to think about solutions in new ways. Warren and his staff are true programming professionals and will help you grow your business."
John Arenson President
Anderson Plywood

"I've been doing business with Warren at TAP Solutions for over a year now. He quickly fixed every excel and database problem I could send his way, and his pricing was always very reasonable. He has always been extremely professional and responsive, which is always refreshing to see in this line of work. I highly recommend TAP Solutions".
Dan B

"Warren's capabilities are many; however his expertise is in defining methods to streamline data entry, analysis and reporting. He is efficient in his work, meets deadlines and fair in his pricing. Our company benefitted from his talents and I would highly recommend him."
Charles Gill, President
Integrated Property Services Group, Inc.

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how pleased I am with our website and the service we received Warren was a joy to work with. Whenever we had concerns or questions, he was always right there to help with quick and courteous service. We have received many compliments on our website but the best part is the increase in the number of customers that we have received now that we have a professional and easy to maneuver website. I would strongly recommend Warren and Tap Solutions for anyone who may be looking to update, improve, or add a website."
Cherie Hollenbeck
Owner -- The Ultimate Install, LLC

"I have had the pleasure of working with Warren Shultz at Tap Solutions for a while now and I am truly impressed with his expertise in website design. He is also an expert in Excel spreadsheets which I have found priceless. He is always willing to answer any questions you have and make sure you understand everything, no matter how long it takes. I appreciate his professionalism and courtesy that he extends to all of his clients and would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a great website designer."
Nicole Stinson
Owner - Estate Realty Group

"Warren Schultz with Tap Solutions is very knowledgeable. I hired Warren to develop a website for my business completely from scratch. He took my ideas, implemented, and tweaked them for my target market. He also made me think about things prospective clients of mine would question; helping me to develop the appropriate content that would draw in prospective clients. Working with Warren was a pleasure and the results are immeasurable."
Lisa Silva Owner
LMS Assist You

"I highly recommend Warren's work. He built a web site for me and one thing that stood up from his service is his efficiency in addressing the production of the web site as well as any changes needed. When I had a change to make he would do it quickly. So if maintaining a web site is important to you, he is the man. Another important aspect of Warren's service is his knowledge of what it takes for a web site to be relevant and "findable" online; web sites need to be made in such a way to be relevant to the search engines. Warren has an ability to make web sites relevant so that search engines can find it."
Carlos Menjivar Owner
Omega Automotive and Auto Body

"When I decided to develop a website for my business, I sought out Warren for guidance. After meeting with Warren, I hired him to construct my website. Since I had no knowledge of the process, Warren helped me through each step in order to make the website come to fruition. I appreciated Warren's immense patience as it took me some time to gather all the information that was needed for him to complete the website. I am extremely happy with the end result and I continue to consult with Warren for ongoing advice. He is knowledgeable, reliable and most of all, he wants to make his clients happy."
Miriam Shafer Begg, Owner
At the Helm Insurance & Financial Services

"Warren Schultz is the consummate professional. When I decided to create a website I needed someone to hold my hand and walk me through each step understanding my total ignorance to the process. Warren exercised that empathy and not only explained everything to me in a language I understood, but was very responsive to my many questions and concerns. He was very helpful in guiding me to create the website that truly recognizes my credentials and services. There is no question that providing quality service is the cornerstone to Warren's success. It was, and still is, a sincere pleasure working with Warren and I will continue to do so as I upgrade and enhance my website."
Harvey J. Eisenstadt
Sales Consultant Sales Trainer, Speaker, Mentor

"I hired Warren at Tap Solutions to do a Graphic Arts and Design job for me in a Tribute I was doing. Warren took care of everything, putting both photos and material on the computer in a very impressive effort. He finished the job within budget. The tribute has pictures with explanation and material including biography material that he handled. The final product was put into a binder with cover and he had copies printed for me. If you have a project similar to this, I can highly recommend Warren for the job. Everyone that received a binder has been impressed."
Marty Kreisler

"TAP Solutions wrote a proprietary software application for us and he came in on time, on budget, and with exactly what we wanted. He is a true professional. We give him our highest recommendation!"
Ira Bershatsky
Enterprise Zone Tax Credit Specialists

"TAP Solutions has been working with our company for many years, helping to further automate our Excel-based payroll information system. He has always been responsive to our needs, and his projects always come in within budget. His professionalism comes through in his attitude and work."
Larry Hall President
JD Consulting

"When I have small projects that need to get done quickly and I do not have the internal resources I look to TAP solutions. They understand my business and get things done on time and on budget."
Marc Lilien
IT Director -- Brighton Products

"TAP Solutions did an excellent job. He is creative, open minded, and efficient. We are very happy with the results of our web page. I definitely will refer him!"
Stephanie Fontaine President
Fontaine Insurance Services, Inc.

"Over time I've needed odds and ends of changes to my website. Of course once I discovered what they were, they needed to be done yesterday (smile). Every time I've asked TAP Solutions to make the necessary changes, they got done immediately. It's reassuring to know I can rely on him. His promptness has made all the difference."
Jeanne Powers Writer