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Do you have data/information and don’t know what to do with it?

An Excel specialist makes the info/data useful for you through automation?

Your Arcadia business collects tons of data and information about so many aspects. Then everyone struggles to make sense of all the data and info.

Imagine how great it would be to finally be able to streamline business processes across the entire Arcadia organization, to eliminate human errors, to say goodbye to time-consuming manual reporting and say hello to greater productivity and efficiency.

The answer exists: The Arcadia business needs automation as part of its process.

TAP Solutions uses Microsoft Excel to improve the Arcadia company’s productivity and efficiency, which saves your Arcadia company time and money. Projects that used to take hours now take seconds.

And when it’s time to do something with all that data and information, TAP Solutions leverages its knowledge of Excel to produce only the information you need in the format you want. It increases productivity because the Arcadia business process is now geared to efficiency.

Here are some examples:


A large manufacturing company did business with a large multi-store retailer. Each shipment to each store created a receivable invoice. There were thousands of receivable invoices each month. When the stores sent a check, they also sent an electronic report of what invoices they were paying. The manufacturer was then manually allocating the payments to clear the invoices and balance the accounts. The manufacturer needed to automate the allocation and balancing of the payments.


TAP Solutions wrote a routine in Excel that read the customers electronic reports and converted the data into a format compatible with the manufacturer's system. This allowed the payments to be uploaded into the receivables system, where they matched up and cleared automatically. The program also created discrepancy reports of the items that didn't match, enabling the company to address problems much more quickly.


Because an insurance company used different data formats and structures, the HR staff had to manually reconcile the reports of more than 1,000 employees. The company needed to find a way to automate and eliminate errors.


TAP Solutions wrote an Excel program that matched employee names and addresses with their insurance packages, and highlighted inconsistencies between the two reports. The new program also read both formats for items like dates and abbreviations. After implementing the new program, all the HR staff had to do was quickly glance at the spreadsheet and deal with the report’s discrepancies or issues.


A local importing business used some old, buggy software that could not handle the website data feeds tied to the weekly promotional sheet that went to clients. The process was extremely time-consuming and frustrating.


TAP Solutions had the staff evaluate the current software to learn what they liked and what they wished they could do. Then we developed an Excel spreadsheet where the staff could enter the data in one place. The spreadsheet automatically produced the promotional sheet along with the data feed for the website.


A business with a government contract was required to file a certified payroll with the government every pay period. This was very cumbersome because the systems were not compatible, and it took six hours each week to get the data in the correct format to upload into the government's system.


We came up with a process to take the payroll records from the contractor's payroll system and automatically reformat them so they could be uploaded directly into the government's system. What took hours now took 10 minutes with improved accuracy, and it kept them up to date with the audits.

In each case you get increased efficiency through automation. Soon, you’ll also see more productivity.

But there’s more.

Arrow, Arcadia Automation Expert, Arcadia Excel Support, Arcadia Microsoft Excel Automation Automation prevents errors that come when humans handle data. No need to take the time to validate the work because the validating process already has checks and balances built in.

Arrow, Arcadia Automation Expert, Arcadia Excel Support, Arcadia Microsoft Excel Automation Arcadia companies already have Excel, so the processes and uses are familiar, thus decreasing the training curve. These same companies in Arcadia put their data and information into spreadsheets, and automation makes it easy for everyone in the business to access the data they need.

Arrow, Automation Expert Arcadia, Excel Support Arcadia, Microsoft Excel Automation Arcadia Automation makes it easy to call up the data you need for analysis.

Arrow, Microsoft  Excel consultant Arcadia, Microsoft  Excel Consulting Arcadia. MS Excel Productivity Solutions Arcadia Automation also makes it easy to call up the data in any visual format you want.

Arrow, Arcadia Microsoft  Excel consultant, Arcadia Microsoft  Excel Consulting. Arcadia MS Excel Productivity Solutions Excel increases efficiency by seamlessly merging several types of data into one spreadsheet.

Arrow, Automate Excel Reports Arcadia- Automate Data in Excel Arcadia - Vba Automation Arcadia Data needs to be consolidated so everyone can access it regardless of platform. Automation with Excel does this. For the truly advanced Excel user (like TAP Solutions), even more can be accomplished. There are more sophisticated tools that increase efficiency and productivity even more, freeing staff in Arcadia to do other things that help the business. Contact TAP Solutions today for a free consultation so we can help you determine the best Excel automation processes to use that will increase your Arcadia business’ efficiency and productivity the most.

Arrow - Arcadia Automate Excel Reports - Arcadia Automate Data in Excel - Arcadia Vba Automation The automation process is critical to a company in Arcadia increasing its productivity and efficiency.

Arrow - Automation Expert Arcadia - Excel Support Arcadia - Microsoft Excel Automation Arcadia The right information needs to get in front of the Arcadia company’s management. Automation helps with that.

Arrow - Arcadia Automation Expert - Arcadia Excel Support - Arcadia Microsoft Excel Automation Excel’s automation programs are our recommended process for all Arcadia companies.

Arrow - Arcadia Microsoft Excel Automation - Arcadia Microsoft  Excel Consolidation - Arcadia Microsoft  Excel consultant Data is a collection of facts, while information puts those facts into context. Excel automation bridges the gap between the two.

Arrow - Microsoft Excel Automation Arcadia - Microsoft  Excel Consolidation Arcadia  - Microsoft  Excel consultant Arcadia Most Arcadia companies already have Excel, meaning they already know how to use the data to increase efficiency and productivity.

Arrow - Microsoft  Excel Consulting Arcadia- Arcadia MS Excel Productivity Solutions Without automation, a company in Arcadia would have a very time-consuming process that wouldn’t get them the data or information the way they want it when they need it.

Arrow - Arcadia Microsoft  Excel Consulting - MS Excel Productivity Solutions Arcadia Imagine life without automation. Now imagine a process that uses Excel to increase efficiency and productivity. Finally, imagine your Arcadia business thriving as a result of Excel. It’s no fantasy.