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TAP SOLUTIONS can build new spreadsheets for your Sunland company.

Excel can be an excellent tool for managing large data files, running reports, organizing projects, financial information and a great deal more. TAP Solutions is experienced in creating spreadsheets for many purposes. One of the benefits of using Excel and having your spreadsheets designed well from the beginning is that once data/information is entered into, or imported into Excel, the same spreadsheet can serve many functions. In many cases we can set up your spreadsheet so your users can modify it as needed. This allows your staff to be more productive and saves your company valuable time and money.

TAP Solutions knows how to import data from different file formats into Excel. We can also set up your Excel data so that you can export it into other programs like Microsoft Word, your cms, Outlook or any other tool that you use.

Sunland companies sometimes hire TAP Solutions to set up the appropriate fields to break larger blocks of data into more manageable chunks. Mailing lists are a common example. Names, addresses, phone numbers and other client information are often entered in other programs as a single sentence, paragraph or field. We can split this information out so that into separate fields so that you can sort and merge your information in many ways for various uses, such as mailing labels, letters, phone lists, orders and invoices.

When TAP Solutions sets up a spreadsheet for you, we will make sure that it complies with your requirements. We will discuss your company style, templates, who will use the spreadsheet, who will update the spreadsheet, and what the reports should look like. We will also look at how the spreadsheet will interface with your staff, customers and other programs. Perhaps you need charts or graphs. TAP Solutions can set up spreadsheets to create these illustrations for you. Years of experience in a multitude of industries will let us come up with the best solution to meet your needs.

Sometimes people have difficulty organizing the information. TAP Solutions has helped many companies become better organized. Once seemingly unruly or unrelated data have been rounded up and organized into a meaningful, easy to understand and maintain format your Sunland company will function more smoothly.

TAP SOLUTIONS can automate your Excel spreadsheets.

When your Sunland company employees have to enter the same information repeatedly, it exposes your company to increased chances of human error, costs you more money for labor, and likely leaves them unavailable for other work that needs to be done. Excel has many features that can be inserted into your existing spreadsheets to automate them.

TAP Solutions can create formulas that will do the math for you, and parce and validate your data. For example, we can set up your spreadsheet so that an order for X units of one of your products can be entered once and all of the required calculations, such as sales tax, down payments and final billing amounts can be calculated for you.

TAP Solutions can also set up spreadsheets that include macros, which are a series of instructions that can automate a spreadsheet for your Sunland. Instead of having to put in the same information in different places, a macro can take the information from one cell and apply it to others as needed. This cuts down on data entry errors, saves time, and helps by organizing the information in a consistent manner. Macros can also reformat and validate data faster and more accurately than a person can.

TAP Solutions can help automate reports for various departments and customers. Sales and accounting departments, for example, may share and rely on a great deal of the same information but need that information communicated to them in different formats. Let us show you how the same spreadsheet can be automated to meet both of their needs.

TAP SOLUTIONS can troubleshoot and solve your Excel problems.

Sometimes a database becomes corrupted, links get lost, formulas go in circles, or your spreadsheet just doesn’t work well anymore. TAP Solutions to the rescue. We have the experienced eyes to see not only how your Excel spreadsheet works, but also why it doesn’t.

Rather than having a member of your Sunland company staff get stressed out, bogged down and perhaps make the problem worse, TAP Solutions can do the troubleshooting for you and make repairs. If the spreadsheet is beyond repair, we can suggest more optimal ways to rebuild it.

Many TAP Solutions customers find that we can solve problems in a very short period of time that would take them days, and even weeks, to figure out. We can save you a lot of money and wasted time. You might even find that you have a better spreadsheet when we are through. We will discuss the options with you.

TAP Solutions Offers Excel Classes and In Office Training Services

TAP Solutions offers off site Excel classes that can get your Sunland company employees up to speed in a few short hours. We can structure classes for beginners or for employees who need to learn advanced features like macros.

If your staff just needs to learn some specifics related to an Excel job that TAP Solutions has done for your company, we can teach them what they need to know at your office so that they can update and maintain your spreadsheets.

TAP Solutions can also arrange to provide you with written instructions related to our Excel work for your company so that you have documentation that can be shared by your current employees and passed on to future employees as needed.

Please ask us about any Excel classes we may have set up or about arranging for Excel training on an individual or group basis.

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