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A company wanted to start an online mall using affiliates data feeds and wanted products to appear multiple times on multiple pages for search engine optimization. The company needed a way to sort and categorize the various products, distribute them to randomized web pages and generate new web pages as needed. The program also needed to track the contents of the existing, changed and new pages.

Case 1 Solution:

TAP Solutions created a program that accomplished several time-saving activities.

1) It kept web pages current and recalculated how and where the products would be showcased on the pages.

2) It determined how many products would fit on any single page.

3) It figured out which keywords were most prevalent on the pages and grouped items using those key words in their descriptions together.

4) It loaded the text and picture descriptions automatically on the pages to match the product. Once the program was implemented, the entire process took minutes instead of days.

The entire process took minutes instead of days.