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What You Should Include in Your Website

tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel Needs Sometimes, the key to having a successful website is to do things that one would think everybody would automatically do, but for some reason, it doesn’t cross their minds. Do you get referrals? Do you enlist your friends to help you? Do you take advantage of some online tools search engines offer? Do you invite a visitor to your site to actually buy something?

Those are four things everyone should do on their website but maybe don’t. Read on to learn why you should.

1. Get business referrals. If your business has a supplier, or if you work with complementary businesses, ask if you could be placed on its site as a trusted partner or preferred vendor. That way you get additional exposure. Put a link to the supplier’s site on your website. Also, ask clients if they would put you on their sites as a trusted person or preferred vendor. This helps them become a trusted business associate.

2. Use your friends. Everybody has trusted friends or business associates. Why not use them? Have these people look over your site and provide feedback. Be sure to cross gender, age and generational lines, because everybody will see your site a little differently, and their comments and suggestions could provide insights you weren’t aware of, which can lead to new business if you take that information and run with it.

3. Take advantage of what Google offers. You probably know Google is the most visited website on Earth, which means your website needs to be found on Google. One way to do this is to use the services Google offers as part of its marketing and webmaster platforms. The most common is Google Analytics, which generates detailed statistics about visits to your website, such as tracking visitors from search engines. It also can tell you which pages are most popular and what’s not working, which will help you better target your market.

4. Include a call to action. Visitors are on your site, but they’re not contacting you, maybe because you aren’t telling them to. It might seem silly, but many would-be customers need their hands held through the entire process, so make sure that, at least at the bottom of each page, you tell them to contact you. And make it creative. Everybody has “Click here” or “Contact me” but most don’t have “Call us to find out what the IRS isn’t telling you” or “This can be yours if the price is right.”

These are only a few of the steps that will help you maintain a website that is relevant, search enginefriendly and will get your clients to ultimately contact you. To discover what else can be done to improve your online presence, contact Warren Schultz at Website:

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