The Basics of SEO

tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel Needs Every truly successful business has a website. But just having a website isn’t enough. The best websites have various attributes that make it easy to find on your favorite search engine.

You must have a complete Search Engine Optimization system, including keywords and meta tags. The following is a summary of these all-important features.

SEO is absolutely critical to your website being found on search engines. But did you know there are two components to SEO?

The first components are the words on your website. These are called keywords. You need to determine which words people are typing into search engines to find you, and if you don’t know those descriptive words, there are tools online to help you with this process. Chances are you have some idea, because your industry has certain terms everybody uses. That’s a good place to start.

One more thing about keywords: You have to seamlessly integrate them into your copy. Otherwise, search engines will know what you’re doing and punish you by ranking your pages lower or dropping them altogether (remember, the trick is to be on the first page of the search engine). So, if you have to hire a copywriter to help you, it’s a good idea.

Another component to SEO is the computer aspect. This is done by web designers, who use something called “meta tags.” These are the information about the website page that search engines and directories use to help index your site. The most basic meta tags are your site’s title, description and keywords. Make sure you have meta tags for each website page, and make sure they’re spelled the way you intend and are customized for that specific page. Improper spelling could mean a would-be customer misses your page because he spelled the keyword right and you didn’t.

SEO is only one of the steps that will help you maintain a website that is relevant, search engine-friendly and will get your clients to ultimately contact you.

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