Spiders, Crawlers, and SEO

tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel Needs Some people don’t like spiders and crawlers but do like indexing, searching and algorithms. When it comes to search engine optimization, however, you should like all of the above because these are essential components to SEO. Read on to learn more.

First, some definitions: a “spider” (also known as a crawler, robot or bot) is the part of the SEO software that checks, or crawls, the content of each web page in a methodical and automated manner. According to Science Daily, these crawlers are used to create a copy of all pages you visit that a search engine will later process.

This processing is called “indexing.” Each piece of content the spider crawls over – and it’s important to remember that not everything on a website page gets crawled over – gets stored in a giant database that gets recalled whenever somebody types in a keyword into the search engine.

Every time that happens, the search engine checks the keywords for the webpage that the spider crawled over against every other webpage that has the same keywords. In other words, the search engine is measuring how relevant the keyword is related to the page. The more relevant – that is, the more often it matches – the higher the page is ranked.

Now, how does that happen? Search engines use algorithms. These are specifications that take a keyword and sort it through all of its indexed sites in which that keyword appears. Then it shows you a list of sites where that keyword exists. Hopefully, your site is on the first page.

Different algorithms look at different aspects of the page. Some check links, how often a keyword appears, meta tags, links and many others. But they all make up one giant algorithm.

The problem is the companies that run search engines are always changing their algorithms, so to keep updated, you need SEO expertise. If you don’t have it, hire somebody who does.

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