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tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel Needs Microsoft Excel allows people to “think outside the box” and develop creative ways to solve problems and make their jobs – and by extension, their lives – easier because Excel saves time and money. It also eliminates costly errors.

Excel is way more than just a big calculator. It can make the complex simple, the inefficient efficient, the manual automatic and the tedious fun. Here are two more of the many ways Excel can work for you.

Repetitive jobs that took hours or days now take seconds. Say, for example, someone had to format reports for five bosses and set up graphs every day. Each boss wanted the report to show something different. Having to manually format five different reports took two hours a day – and sometimes longer because he made mistakes. With Excel, the various reports took seconds with no mistakes.

Suppose a large employment recruiting company could pull specific data from their database of potential candidates. After pulling the data, the company would have to manually score each candidate by specific criteria to see who was the best potential match. This was very time consuming.

With Excel, you could write a spreadsheet that would score all the resumes by specific criteria that the recruiter wanted. Then the recruiter could go through the resumes, starting with the best candidates and on down, saving countless hours and improving productivity and profits.

Data can be converted from different sources and formats into Excel. Say, for example, a company has six different databases. Database A is the most current, but it’s missing one critical detail, meaning somebody has to go into Database B to find that detail. If it’s not there, that person has to go through Database C, and so on, until that detail is found. Excel merged all the data into one centralized database, so anyone could easily find that detail.

There was a controller of a company with many subsidiaries that every month had to manually combine the sales, receivables and payable figures for each subsidiary. One of the big complications was an employee could work for different subsidiaries in the same pay period, and those figures needed to be combined.

The solution is in the spreadsheet. With Excel, you can create a spreadsheet that would allow the controller to upload the financials into the spreadsheet. Then it would automatically combine everything correctly and give the needed figures they needed, along with a dashboard, to show how things were going.

Become Excel-lent and see the great many things Excel can do for you.

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