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How can Excel Automation help you?

tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel Needs One of the greatest traits of Excel is automation. What takes a human hours to enter by hand takes Excel seconds through automation. Best of all, Excel automation is built right into every spreadsheet, so by using Excel, you’re increasing efficiency.

Here are ways to take advantage of Excel’s automation to increase efficiency.

As a n Excel specialist, TAP Solutions can create formulas, or macros, that tell Excel to manipulate data the way you want it to; consolidate it and show it in charts or graphs or any other way you want, and communicate with different data sources.

For example, each Excel spreadsheet contains columns and rows. Column C can be formatted to add figures, while Row 17 can show percentages of rows 10-16. Whatever you need the data in your spreadsheet to do, Excel — and experts at TAP Solutions — can make it happen.

Maybe you need to merge different lists from different sources into a single spreadsheet. Like that time a retail call center manager needed to monitor employee phone usage and determine if any of its staff was abusing phone privileges. The manager needed to combine the inbound and outbound call lists with the customer phone numbers. The manager needed to find a faster way to merge the data than manually inputting the information.

TAP Solutions created a spreadsheet using an Excel macro that combined the two sources of information and compared the data. Phone numbers that didn't match up with the customer list were separated out to determine if the employees were abusing their phone privileges. The new spreadsheet also enabled the manager to see the phone activity in each division. This information allowed the company to balance the call load throughout the call center and saved them overtime costs.

In other words, increased efficiency through automation.

Contact TAP Solutions today so we can help you determine the best automations to use that will increase efficiency the most. www.TAPSolutions.net  or call Warren 818 281 7628 for a free consolution.