The Advantage Of A Mobile Friendly Website

tap solutions 818 281 7628 -- For all your website and Microsoft Excel Needs More and more, people are using mobile devices – smartphones, tablets, laptops, to name three – to access and do business on the Internet. It’s faster, easier and becoming standard practice. That means your website had better be configured so these mobile devices will see and read your website.

For anyone who is skeptical that having a mobile-friendly website is necessary, here are four reasons why.

1. Google ranks mobile-friendly sites higher. You still want to be No. 1 on any Google search, but as of April 2015, the search engine giant, by virtue of an algorithm change, is ranking mobile-friendly sites higher than standard websites. If Google doesn’t recognize your site as mobile-friendly, you might not be on the first page.

2. You’ll reach more people faster. Since mobile devices are faster, and since more people are using them, people could find your site and then contact you in the space of a minute or less. The more people who do that, the more business you get.

3. Your site will be readable across all platforms. Not only will a mobile-friendly site reach more people, but it won’t affect you reaching people who aren’t using mobile devices to find you. So, you reach the largest possible number of potential customers/clients.

4. You will have a better reputation online. A mobile-friendly site is now expected, so if you have one, your credibility will be higher. People will assume your site has the goods and services they seek because it’s mobile-friendly. Plus, you’ll be held in higher regard than sites that aren't mobile-friendly, customers/clients will have a more positive experience using your website, and you’ll be seen as cuttingedge or up to date.

Don’t get left behind. Convert your website to a mobile-friendly one.

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