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Technology and Productivity Solutions

Providing spreadsheet and web design solutions for all organizations since 1999

TAP SOLUTIONS is an Technology Consulting group that works with individuals, business owners and their (management) teams in the Southern California area to ensure their (administrative, data and financial) tasks are simplified, organized, and made efficient.

Whether you need help automating proposals, invoices, or contracts, or need help to simplify and organize your financial data and payroll, instead of hiring a full-time administrator, TAP SOLUTIONS can help you streamline your operations, and save you and your business time and money. We also design and create company websites, so you reach more clients beyond your target market

Excel Solutions,Training and Support
“Simplifying tasks and automating solutions”


Through custom formulas and macros in Excel, we simplify, create, and help you automate:
  • data consolidation dashboards
  • redundant and repetitive processes
  • create custom reports and reporting
  • data interchange & exchange automation
  • improve accuracy and remove human error
  • synchronizing data
  • and much more

We develop spreadsheets and processes using Microsoft Excel that provide the following benefits:
  • Organize your data quickly, accurately, effectively and efficiently
  • Automate tasks, saving time and money and reducing errors
  • Create dashboards that display data in a standardized, simple, useful manner
  • Make use of functions, shortcuts and tricks so Excel works best for your needs.

Some of the ways we use Excel
  • Inventory
  • data manipulation
  • Process data feeds
  • consolidation information
  • Process certified payroll audits
  • merging and cleaning up lists
  • automating accounts-receivable
  • payroll and billing processes
  • synchronizing data
  • calculating estimates
  • producing customer reports
  • processing repetitive data
  • streamlining project estimates
  • tracking events
  • improving efficiently saving time and money.

Website Design, Building and Maintaining

Website Development Banner

We design, create, develop and maintain mobile-friendly websites to ensure the following:

  • improve Viewership and brand recognition
  • encourage engagement
  • improve sales
  • user-friendly/easy of access
  • easy navigation
  • browser compatibility
  • routine maintenance and updates
  • Get found online instead of just being online, which leads to more inquiries, more business, more money!
  • Ensure your site can be viewed by all internet browsers
  • Improve brand recognition and image
  • Inform about your products and services using easy-to-read copy in an easy-to-navigate format
  • Enhance search engine rankings

Some of the services we offer:
  • Local, personalized, customized service – so you always deal with the same person.
  • Competition analysis – so you get the edge.
  • SEO – so you always have the best keywords for the search engines.
  • Maintenance – so your site’s copy, photos and graphics are always fresh.