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Microsoft Excel is the world's most popular spreadsheet application and a cornerstone of the company's popular Office suite. A spreadsheet is simply a table, but as processing power has increased, it has become possible to automate many tasks associated with a typical business, such as bookkeeping.  


Excel is so popular because it can be used to simplify vast quantities of information, and because everyone uses it, the results can be presented in a straightforward manner and understood anywhere.  


You don't have to be an Excel specialist to use Excel. Most Excel users can create a simple spreadsheet to track monthly sales and find annual totals. Using Excel’s Chart Wizard, most users can create a simple chart to show if the sales are rising or falling.


As you become more comfortable with Excel, you will start to create more sophisticated sheets to filter data, do complex calculations and summarize results in pivot tables. But even if you never reach expert level, our expert consultants will be able to help.   




Simply put, Excel shortens processing time, increases efficiency, makes your office processes run faster and better, and saves you time and money.  




If you’re faced with any of the following challenges, Excel can help:  


1) You need to create a program to complete a major task/project because it takes too long manually.  


2) You need to create a program to complete extremely repetitive task/project that takes too long manually.  


3) You want to reduce human error from those major/repetitive tasks/projects.  


4) You need to convert raw data into a useful format.  


5) You need to create a program that can be used by everyone in your company.  


6) You have large amounts of data that need to be cleaned or matched and/or validated.  


7) You have data in many formats that need to be merged.  


8) You’re on a tight deadline.