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Macros are instructions that tell Excel how to do something. One of the best things about macros is they can automate and run processes a Santa Clarita business needs in a fraction of the time it may take someone to do by hand. Macros can serve as shortcuts and TAP Solutions can set them up for you. TAP Solutions can also teach you how to use them and set up new macros. Macros can be used for formatting, applying formulas, sorting and many other tasks.


Once Macros are set up and you know how to use them, macros will save you time, labor, and improve the accuracy of your spreadsheets and reports. TAP Solutions can create macros for you that will enable you to enter data once and use it in multiple ways. Many Santa Clarita companies, for example, use the same data for accounting, inventory and sales, but need the data produced in different formats for the different departments. Macros can automate these processes for you.

For more specific information on Macros, please call us and we’ll be happy to review your Excel spreadsheets and let you know how TAP Solutions can make them work more effectively and efficiently for your Santa Clarita company.