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(818) 281-7628 Filmore Excel Macro Design and Development,tap solutions, website design, website development, excel macros, excel vbaIsn’t Excel wonderful? You can do so much. Yet most people don’t effectively use Excel, so their work is that much more difficult. For example:  

-- Repetitious jobs take hours or days to do manually, so they can’t complete the project on time;

-- They don’t know how to write computer code that would do the work for them, solve a major problem or be used by many people in their company;

-- They type something wrong and then have to spend hours fixing their errors;

-- They don’t know how to convert raw data into a useful Excel report, application or format. Instead, they manually copy and paste into a new format;

-- They’re not sure that there’s an easier way.  

There is an easier way. We at Technology and Productivity (TAP) Solutions in Filmore know how to solve these and other Excel-related problems – thereby removing human error -- because we know our way around Excel and Excel macros. A macro is a series of stored computer commands and functions that can be run whenever needed. Think of Excel macros as shortcuts, and let us take them for you!  

Here’s what we will do for you, whether we come to you or we do it in our Filmore office:  

We will create macro development systems and processes to automate projects, resulting in increased efficiency and improved accuracy, which in turns saves money and removes human error. Whether it’s for large or small jobs, whether the task is simple or difficult, we will design a custom development system for you and your company, and we will do it on time for a reasonable cost. Once we’re done creating the macro development systems, we will teach you how to use them, so the shortcuts will be available to you with just a few clicks of the keyboard. If you just can’t remember the shortcut, we’re in Filmore so we’re close by to provide the support to help you remember. This will result in improved work flow and accuracy.  

Some of the macros we can develop for you can:  

-- Automate your repetitious Excel processes to save time and money;

-- Take your raw data and assemble it in such ways that you can get what you need for any report you need it for, including spreadsheets. Imagine how effective your report to your boss, an investor or a prospective client will be using Excel macros.  

Best of all, we know a wide variety of Excel macros from which we can make your custom macro development process and work with you to solve your problem. In fact, we will solve all of your Excel problems in one of three ways: using complex formulas, writing macro development systems, or using both. We are problem-solvers, and Excel macros is the right way to solve it. Our many years in data processing over a wide range of industries have given us the experience and expertise to solve your Excel problems.  

We also can convert data from different sources and formats into Excel, thereby merging it into a useful report. This saves time and money and increases efficiency. In fact, the possibilities are endless. There’s no limit to the data we can convert, or the ways we can convert your data.

Here’s an example:  

SITUATION : A large corporate retailer received reconciliation reports from the various credit-card companies. The problem was each report was in a different format. Each credit-card company used a different method to identify the transactions and a totally different method to receive the info. Plus, their internal accounting system tracked all of the credit-card transactions in a third format!  

SOLUTION : We developed a formula that broke up all of the reports into the needed data by store and by credit-card company. When we finished, the retailer had a detailed accounting of thousands of transactions saving countless hours.

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Microsoft Excel Macro's Save Filmore  Clients Time and Money.    Excel Macro's Save Filmore Clients Time and Money.
Microsoft Excel  Macros Make You More Effecient and Save Time and Costs.    Excel Macro's Make You More Effecient and Save Time and Costs.
Microsoft Excel Macro's Improve Company Effeciency in the Filmore     Excel Macro's Improve Company Effeciency in the Filmore
Filmore Microsoft Excel Process Automation Specialists.    Filmore Microsoft Excel Process Automation Specialists.
Filmore Small Business Excel Macro Design and Development    Filmore Small Business Excel Macro Design and Development

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